Out of Doors 17/02/18

My posts are loosely following Radio Scotland’s ‘Out of Doors’ programs. Having once had to write an essay on species introduction as part of my Blue Badge tour guide trying course I like to think that, although not exactly an authority, I do know a bit about it.

The Norwegian farmer’s comments about the lynx (17/02/18) are more hostile than research I did eight years ago into Swiss attitudes towards lynx, which suggested they ate mostly deer and lived in woodland. Obviously conditions are very different in Scotland, Switzerland and Norway. I don’t doubt that lynx may predate sheep. The reintroduction of the sea eagle has, however, had a tremendous boost to the ecotourism industry, particularly on Mull. Now farmers are deploying lasers to counteract lambs being taken by the eagles.

The number of lambs taken is hotly contested by Scottish Natural Heritage. The eagles are at least spectacular to see. Lynx, if they were to be reintroduced would be virtually invisible anyway…


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