My wife and I are both experienced and professionally qualified Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA) Blue Badge Guides. We love Scotland and meeting visitors, so it will be our pleasure to guide you on your trip to Scotland. If you are one person or forty, if you are here for one day or a month, we can tailor a tour to suit your needs. We can provide driver guiding for up to eight passengers. Please click on the links below for more information. Find out more about the STGA here.

The sample tours originate either from Edinburgh or Glasgow, however the cities are only around 50 miles apart, so it is possible to do all of the tours from either city, allowing for extra time. The ‘longer tours’ are based on a trip of more than one day. Scotland is not a large country but there is a huge amount to see. We have around twenty major geological faults so the scenery changes wherever you go.

Scroll down for more information or click on the links below or catch up with my blogs.

It is also possible for me to devise a themed tour if you have a specific interest, for example, ‘Outlander’. Just ask!

If you are generally interested in Scottish culture and the outdoors I suggest you tune into 'Out of Doors'- you don't have to be in the United Kingdom to listen to BBC radio.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and number one tourist destination. It is not one city but two; the medieval city close to the castle contrasts with the elegant 18th century ‘Georgian’ architecture of the New Town, construction of which started in 1765. If you are planning to visit the castle book ahead as it can be busy. Don’t miss the National Museum of Scotland, and the Scottish National Art Gallery.

August is the month for the Edinburgh Festival, in reality lots of different festivals, so this is the time to come if love theatre, including plenty of street theatre.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, the number one city in Britain for 19th century Victorian architecture and has stunning modern architecture. Throw in wonderful galleries, a medieval cathedral and many parks, that makes Glasgow a top tourist destination. Start your tour in the only intact medieval cathedral on mainland Scotland, which has changed little since it was built in the thirteenth century.




Stirling, once known as the ‘key to Scotland’ is half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is famous for its castle and the winding medieval streets leading up to the castle with the church of the Holy Rood. The Great Hall has been fully restored and painted in the original ‘King’s gold’ colour.

The Royal Palace has also recently been restored to the condition it was in in 1542, actors in the palace rooms will introduce themselves to you. There are tremendous views all around the castle and lots of activities for children too.

Don’t miss the facial reconstructions of skeletons from the early thirteenth century in the castle exhibition, and in the museum of the  Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders you are guaranteed to see a ghost!


Scotland is as much about scenery and castles as well as cities. No country of a similarly small size has such a variety of scenery. The coastline is longer than that of the Indian subcontinent, and with almost 800 islands there is a huge number of possible boat trips. With hundreds of mountains and around 30,000 lochs it is the perfect place to stretch your legs. Check out more photos here.



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